S2:E15 | #15 – Cleaning Up Joint Replacement w/ David Thompson (President & CEO of Osteal Therapeutics)

UMN David | Joint Replacement

  Osteal Therapeutics is a privately-held, clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing novel musculoskeletal therapeutics to treat orthopedic infections and their consequences. David Thompson has served at Osteal Therapeutics President and CEO since August 2020. He brings over 20 years of experience in medical technology, most recently acting as Interim CEO of Gravitas Medical where he was […]

S1:E2 | #2 – Know Who You Are With David Cash From Medvest Capital

UMN David Cash | Know Who You Are

  David Cash is the Founder and Managing Director of Medvest Capital. In this episode, Dave encourages entrepreneurs to have a clear mission & strategy to stay focused. Medvest’s product is growth capital but views VC as a service business and seeks to partner with Founders navigating the process of company building. Dave shares his early career […]