Social Selling – Healthcare’s Emerging Commercial Model Continued

UMN S2 25 | Social Selling

  As we transition to the new norm, the power of social media strengthens. In his episode, Samuel Adeyinka continues to discuss the opportunities in using social media as an avenue for promoting services and products. And in this episode, he shares how choosing a specific audience and focused content can jumpstart your following and […]

Social Selling – Healthcare’s Emerging Commercial Model With Samuel Adeyinka

UMN 24 Samuel | Social Selling

  Businesses learned to adjust to the changes when the pandemic happened. And selling on social media has been the way to instantly reach your target audience. Join Jeff Smith as he dives deep into a conversation with Samuel Adeyinka about healthcare’s emerging commercial model through social selling. Samuel is the host of The Medical Sales Podcast, and […]

S1 | #10 – Winning The Patent Wars w/ David Shaw

UMN David Shaw | Patent Wars

David Shaw was Intuitive Surgical’s Vice President, Legal Affairs and Chief Patent & Corporate Counsel (1999-2003) during the nascent stage of robotic surgery. His expertise in patent strategy, prosecution, and litigation helped Intuitive overcome early IP missteps to become the market leader with a present market capitalization of $80 billion. David played a similar role […]

The Problem Of Access And Why Content Creation Is The Solution

UMN 23 | Content Creation

  There is currently a problem with access in the healthcare and MedTech space. It is getting harder to get products in front of the main customers—the physicians. The solution? Content creation. In this episode, Jeff Smith explains content marketing and why it’s the model that works and will work for years. With historical examples […]

Building Your Organizational Design As A Small Organization

UMN 22 | Organizational Design

  Every new organization needs an organizational design. Knowing how your organization is structured. What is your core competency? What are you good at? How will you compete with all your competition? What is your differentiator. All of these things are part of your organizational design. Join Jeff Smith as he goes in-depth on why […]

Do You Need A Cofounder? A Discussion When To Have One

UMN 21 | Cofounder

  Partnerships and collaborations are not new in business. But when you’re venturing out towards the next level of ownership, when do you start considering a cofounder or two or more of them? In this episode, Jeff Smith discusses the importance of the cofounder and deciding whether to have one or even more. He talks […]

FDA Regulatory Pathways For Medical Devices

UMN 20 | Medical Devices

  How regulatory approval with the FDA proceed when it comes to medical devices? Jeff Smith devotes this whole episode to explain. In a clear and on-point discussion, we get valuable information on the different regulations that cover the different classes of medical devices. Jeff also discusses estimates on how long it takes before a […]

Finding Motivation And Passion As A Physician Entrepreneur

UMN 19 | Physician Entrepreneur

  As a physician entrepreneur, passion is very important to have. The word passion is easy to throw around these days, but we’re talking about a passion to be motivated. The passion to solve a big med tech problem. A problem that keeps you awake at night and you can’t sleep until you find a […]

Financing Using Convertible Debt

UMN 18 | Financing Using Convertible Debt

  Convertible debt, also known as convertible notes, is a loan or debt obligation from an investor paid with equity or stocks in a company. It allows businesses to get that starting capital needed based on a company’s future success. Join Jeff Smith in this episode to learn how you can use convertible debt as […]

2 Principles Of Growth Marketing

UMN 17 | Growth Marketing

  How do you market your business to promote growth in revenue? In this episode, Jeff Smith breaks down the two principles of growth marketing: Lifetime Value (LTV) and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). He shares concrete examples with easy formulas to help you digest the concepts better. Tune in to get business advice that could […]